Shaping our future farmers, food entrepreneurs and food system leaders

Our Vision & Goals

In the spring of 2017, a team of faculty and staff at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture that work in food and farming research and outreach gathered to discuss what we wanted our future Arkansas Food System to be and how our work in the Division of Agriculture could influence and shape it. Through this meeting we identified a vision that remains true today.


We envision:

  • a robust and vibrant foodshed/food economy that supports local entrepreneurs and increases farm viability
  • a diversity of food products that highlight local farmers and good food entrepreneurs in a variety of markets
  • policies and practices that protect biodiversity, preserves our farmland, and supports rural economies, and
  • that our work will contribute to a culture that understands and values food.

Our goal at the Center for Arkansas Farms and Food is to support and expand the NWA food and farm economy through programs that:

  • create experiential learning opportunities for beginning farmers so they may start out with a strong foundation in farm business and sustainable practices
  • equip farmers with savvy business skills to advance farm management practices
  • support sustainable production practices that encourage biodiversity
  • provide opportunities for farmers to ‘level-up’ their skills and practices, and
  • support farmer networks and the food community.


Are you interested in becoming a farmer but want to gain experience working beside an experienced farmer? Or are you interested in advancing your farming skills in a working-farm setting?

Farm School

Are you interested in a career growing specialty crops or want to gain a deeper understanding of the issues that are involved in farming locally? The Farm Training Program might be right for you!


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